Here's What's Included:

  • 90% Minimum Tier 1 Traffic: This means that most of the visitors you receive will be from countries where people are more likely to buy into your offer.
  • Guaranteed Buyers: Our subscriber list includes buyers who have already purchased products similar to yours, such as a course, ensuring that your message reaches a highly targeted and responsive audience that is ready to buy.
  • Fast Delivery: We'll get started right away and finish as soon as possible.
  • Done-For-You Email Ad Copy: We go above and beyond simply sending an email - we craft compelling messages that get our subscribers excited about your offer and motivated to take action.
  • Extra Visitors: We'll send you at least 10% more visitors than you paid for, free of charge.
  • Affordable Price: Our price is just .45c per click, which is very competitive.
  • Premium Traffic: By selecting one of our Premium Traffic options, you can target specific countries such as the US, or even all Tier 1 countries, which have a higher likelihood of generating sales and opt-ins for your offer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to increase your chances of success - be sure to choose either "ALL USA" or "ALL Tier 1" from the dropdown menu below.
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